Doing my end of year post a little bit early. Seeing as how I’ve some free time to myself right now, which has been a rarity over this past year, what with the non-stop schooling that’s been constantly bearing down on me. That was a fragment. And my writing continues to decrease in frequency and ability. But it is what it is.

I think I’m ending 2015/entering 2016 with the most amount of optimism I’ve had in a long while. Despite the fact that I continue to complain and grumble about how annoying schooling is, this vocational program I’m in, where I’m on track for a specific objective, compared to the mindless wandering hat was undergrad; I’m on track, with June 8th, 2016 circled, to graduate and sit for my boards and start working as a PTA. Admittedly, if you go back and look at previous “year end” posts, they made mention of my getting into grad school and becoming a PT (DPT), but, this is what I’ve got, and it’s something that’s tangibly happening. Which is a lot better than the uncertainty and lack of knowing what was going to happen. I just gotta not fuck up along the way. Easy enough.

In looking ahead to the June 8th date, here’s how the rest of the way breaks down starting 2016:

– 2 more weeks of Clinical 1
– 1 week off (lame sauce, bc this was moved up)
– 4 weeks of class
– 6 weeks, Clinical 2
– 6 weeks, Clinical 3
– 4 weeks, test prep
– Graduation.

Which means I only have one more week of break before June. That 1 week off was s’posed to be in late March/early April, a Spring Break if you will, but they just announced that they rearranged the schedule on us. I wanted to get away again…

Because 2015 was the first time I’ve had a chance to go solo on a trip. Which was terribly frightening and exciting at the same time. But once I got into the swing of things, it was actually kind of cool.

 #DL2IRE15 | Paris un | Paris deux | Doob-lin | Galway | Cobh, Cork, & Blarney | The Last Day | Flying Home | Wrapping Up

That’s the collection of links for my Paris/Ireland trip I took off to in early May 2015, with $450 plane tix from SFO to IRE (with like 18 hrs in CDG), with a total trip cost of just about 1k. Smugmug link.

#DL2CABO15 | Adventure | Moar adventures | Juan Carlos | El Retorno

And this collection of links is for my family trip we took in the summer to Cabo, Mexcio. Smugmug link.

Umm, some other notes. Still not doing the church thing. Hard to believe it’s only since Feb 2014. But yeah. And somewhat tied into that, I realized I have/had a lot of friends from the church setting. As well as in college and the fellowship I was in there. From whose members I no longer have any contact with. And almost ditto from the church folks as well. Didn’t think it’d even include a certain thing, but here we are. It kinda sucks, but when ppl dgaf-ed about your 25th birthday, it kinda helps you put things in perspective real fast.

Oh yeah. I turned 25 this year. That was a letdown in terms of friends and the like. Or a blessing in disguise.

I don’t want to say that 2015 taught me to rely less on others (mostly), and to complete go off alone, but it seems for the past couple of years, each successive one continues to have this echoing sentiment remain despite the year change. I’m thankful for those I’ve got around, and am disappointed in those that aren’t anymore. But. It is what it is.

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