So I suppose you’re looking for the first update regarding this mad trip of mine. And I guess in some ways, ¬†his is that. ¬†But I very much doubt it is a traditional one, talking about the fun I’m having and the wonderful new experiences I’ve had. There’s been some of that, ¬†sure, ¬†but the beginning has certainly been something… ¬†Else.

Looking back, I’m not sure how I did the #DL2IRE15¬†trip. Again, running off on my own, ¬†with very few plans, but I managed to fill almost every day without making it feel wasted.

But when you take into consideration my personality, that is, one who doesn’t necessarily like putting myself out there, ¬†but is quite content in keeping to myself more than not, ¬†running halfway across the world via multiple flights is definitely out of character, ¬†and definitely taking ¬†me out of my comfort zone.

Perhaps I was banking on too much of that Irish good luck from the previous trip. Perhaps I trusted too much in that everything will work out with minimal planning. But from the get go, ¬†from day 1, from before I even woke up, I wasn’t quite “feeling it”, as it’s said. I stayed up late the night before my various flights, trying to get my Amazon reviews in (new hobby), trying to get my backpack under 6 kg to fit Condor Airline’s carry on policy (but then re-read that I could just check the damn thing), I went to bed late and woke up earlier than I wanted.

It’s about a two hour flight up from LGB to PDX, ¬†and I couldn’t get any shut eye there. ¬†Popped into PDX Alaska Airlines Board Room, ¬†and had some soup/salad and beer for a quick lunch, then onto Condor Airlines from PDX to FRA for like a 9.5 hr flight. Still couldn’t really get any sleep, since the seat mate (flight arranged in 2-3-2 configuration) kept kicking me (no division under chair), ¬†and the person behind me kept kicking my chair. I mean, the LCC (low cost carrier) ¬†portion of the flight wasn’t a problem; I got a cheap ass pillow, a blanket, two cheap little meals, ¬†and like 4x movies on the flight. All things considered, ¬†if you don’t expect the world of them, it worked out. ¬†Minus the part about not having a gate given to Condor Airlines at Frankfurt bc Lufthansa hub means they have a millions planes, ¬†so we were waiting for nearly an hour for a parking spot and for buses to take us to the gate.

Feet on the ground in Frankfurt for my 6->5 hour layover wasn’t bad. Got my ticket in and out of airport pretty quickly, ¬†trains were easy to find, ¬†and everything was just pretty good. Compare that to trying to get from Amsterdam Schipol airport to city center, and from city center to hostel, oh my God. I think it took near two hours from landing to go through baggage claim, ¬†airport transport, and city center transport, ¬†and walking through suburbs to get to the damn hostel.

Jet lag hasn’t gone away yet either. ¬†I can KO pretty well as soon as the head hits the pillow, ¬†but I’m awake by 4am… I have no idea why. And then slept in on first day in Amsterdam because I was so drained.

I’ve read on reddit where people have had these lows on travel. ¬†That they just want to stay in, ¬†avoid exploring the place they’ve come to visit so many miles from home, ¬†and just get over it. ¬†I’m not gonna lie, ¬†I’ve envisioned the ending part of my trip a couple times now. ¬†Not sure if I’m at this point, ¬†but it’s certainly a thought, ¬†that I’m enjoying the journey part more than the destination part of traveling. At least flying.

I mean, ¬†I’ve still salvaged some of my first wasted day with two walking tours (attractions of Van Gough museum and Anne Frank House both required tickets in advance, ¬†or like a couple hours wait. ¬†I lucked out and was able to snag tix online for the day after (being a solo traveler helps in this case?) ¬†But yeah. Amsterdam didn’t charm me, ¬†maybe because of the transportation issues, ¬†the jet lag, ¬†the tiredness, ¬†the hostel a million miles away from the suburbs, ¬†Idk.


This smile didn’t last long. And the sky is all a lie.

I’ve been through one city, ¬†have pretty much been here for just 48 hours, ¬†and it’s kinda making me reconsider the whole traveling cheap/solo dealio. Currently in Brussels hostel, ¬†and I’ve got a roommate who’s been in there asleep since 5pm. Eh. I should go figure out what my plans are for the next two days in Brussels. ¬†And at least Amsterdam looked better than Brussels. ¬†Don’t know if that’s a pro/con right now.

Oh, ¬†I also haven’t really thrown much on Instagram bc I didn’t think pix were amazing, ¬†thanks to this amazing weather I’ve been having lately. ¬†Camera’s been used gently, ¬†and phone camera pix are… ¬†Okay. ¬†I’ve thrown stuff up on twitter though.

I ¬†think you never want to be in this position where you’re counting down the days left on vacation, ¬†but Uh, ¬†13 days. ¬†Or 12.5, since it’s a morning flight on the 16th. Wow that seems like a long ways away. Including Brussels, ¬†that’s still six whole cities to explore before returning here to Brussels for my flights home.

Today should be the last day of rain. Maybe things’ll look up from here on out.

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