And so it… begins?

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It all sorta started back at the end of August 2014, where I received a 6am phone call in Taiwan from school informing me of my acceptance. First day of class was roughly two weeks later, in mid September 2014, and then it’s been a long continuous process of classes and clinical rotations through June 2016. Definitely struggled through some ups and downs (I failed one test during my time in school, what??), and that hellish month of mine in May 2016 for clinicals. I mean, some of those experiences still haunted me as I was studying for boards, or even occasionally at night.

But uh. It’s been a long 4 months from graduating in June 2016 to waiting for this Oct 6, 2016 test date. And at points, it just felt like I was going through the motions, not even retaining anything coming my way. We did take two “PEAT” exams, official products you can purchase from the testing organization (paid for by the school, thanks). They wanted us to be at 600 and 700 for the two exams, each taken from a month counting down (so in early Aug and early Sept), and I scored at 647 (69%) and 699 (55%) respectively. So it was tracking well. We also used TherapyEd and Scorebuilders review books and tests, and I got like 61% on TherapyEd’s first exam and a 72% on Scorebuilders 2nd exam, taken just over 2 weeks to go.

It took exactly 7 days from the exam for this to post. This is just a pass/fail update, with score results to come (which really doesn’t matter at this point). I’ll probably take a look at it, just because curiosity killed the cat right?

[Edit: Score posted midnight 10/21 (8 days from pass/fail status, 15 days from exam). Got a 707. Kinda like the SATs, 600 is passing, with a max score of 800. Now I just need my damn license number and I’m all set.]

But uh, this just means I’m qualified at an entry-level status. Because there’s still so much more to learn. And that’s a little terrifying, seeing as how I haven’t been treating since mid May 2016. Getting up on half a year of idling by. I’m bored out of my mind. And bleeding funds. Lol.

So, farewell to academics for now. I mean, there’s continuing education units that need to be completed, but besides that. There’re 2 schools in the US for transitional programs for PTA->DPT, but that’s not on the table for at least 2 years (because of 1 year required PTA working experience).

Time to find a job eh.

And. I know it’s petty and bitter, which is something that’s slowly festered and developed over the past few occasions in my life now, but I’m seeing all my classmates’ posts with comments from their friends with “Let’s celebrate” about passing the boards. I know I shouldn’t be basing my feelings on other’s social media compared to my own, because it can have a negative effect, but that’s how I’m feeling. So anyone wanna celebrate? No? Kay. Here’s to a party of one then.

===== Edit =====

License number posted online the afternoon of 11/1. PTA #48345 (You can look me up, so this isn’t private info).

License number arrived in mail 11/7. Pretty much a month from test date.

And that’s a wrap!


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