The Process

Because having a log of how things played out is always a good idea.

So now that 99% of things are complete, where I’m just waiting for my license number to post, I’ve started the job hunt. Or, I put out feelers in the first week of October, and followed up with them after I found out I passed my boards.

So this is how things started with “company A” :

Tuesday 10/18:

11:30am: I sent out a follow-up email
til 12pm: Recruiter makes multiple phone calls to me
1:30pm: I get an offer letter in my email (valid for 2 days)

I worked for “company A” from June 2013 to Jan 2015 as an aide prior to starting school. Because you really can’t get into school without prior experience, so it worked out for me. I guess I made an impression among folks, and after the recruiter passed my name/resume on to a Regional Mentor, the RM immediately wanted me (Actually called me when I was still talking to the recruiter). The recruiter mentioned the facility early October, but I’m guessing she did not pass on my info then. (She’s also pronouncing the RM’s name incorrectly. Useless.)

This recruiter for “company A,” when I initially reached out to her early Oct, started compensation discussion at $27-28/hr. Apparently she’s pretty forgetful, as she said she’d get back to me when I countered with closer to $30. Because she never got back to me until my follow-up email about 2 weeks later. And then she asked again through our various phone calls what my desired compensation was, like it was our first time talking. To which I again replied with the same response. And then I got the quick turnaround with the offer at $30/hr. Lol.

Wednesday 10/19:

I had a facility tour in the morning with the RM (she ran 15 min late). The RM works closely with my former RM, and I met up with her to discuss her plans for me and the facility. She playfully mentioned how when my old RM saw her with my resume, she “fought him off” to get me. Nice to know you’re wanted eh? Problem is, the location is pretty tiny (like 40 beds?), currently just supporting 1 therapist with about 6 patients. I might even be the sole therapist there. Autonomy sounds nice, but at this stage in my career, I was kinda looking for more guidance and learning opportunities from the get go.

I took care of the physical, drug test, and flu shot process after the facility tour.

My dad then tells me his company (going w/ “company B” here) wants to reach out to me to hire me for an open spot at his place. So we agree that I’ll hold off on sending in my signed confirmation til end of day (2 days to decide is a pretty short window isn’t it?) I never got any phone calls from “company B,” so I proceeded to send in all my signed docs to “company A” at 3:25pm. With email confirmation from the recruiter. So I thought that’s that. Apparently not.

Thursday 10/20:

2:30 pm: Recruiter at “company A” calls me and asks if I turned in my docs. I’m like, yeah, you emailed acknowledging receipt of it. And she was like, I did?? You could not imagine the face palming I did. I had to talk her through the email title, time stamp, and person it was sent by for her to find the email that she did receive. She then wondered out loud why she was the recipient of my docs instead of someone else. Even though it was stated there in the email instructions. I guess she doesn’t know her own companies procedures. I’m also assuming she didn’t read my email, as I mentioned wanting to bump the start date from mid-Nov to early-Nov. But she made no comments on it. And I forgot to bring it up again in my bewilderment of her receiving my email but not seeing it. Turns out she used to be an admissions person from my school prior to working with “company A.” That explains so much, sadly.

3:10pm: Recruiter from “company B” calls me with the opening at my dad’s place. If she had just reached me 40 minutes earlier, and I’d be stressing out a lot less about this. But I told her I had agreed to the other position, and wouldn’t feel good about reneging from the offer.

Nighttime: I talked with the parents, and they convinced me to change my mind (I mean, everything about “company B” is better than “company A,” it’s just that they came in second). I also did have the chance to visit the facility in talk with my dad’s boss (director of rehab/DOR) sometime during the summer, so that was already taken care of. The DOR said that as long as I turn out as good a therapist as my dad, it should be no problem. No pressure right? lol. But I mean, considering there’d be multiple other therapists to work with at “company B” versus nearly flying solo initially at “company A,”  that was honestly a really strong tipping point for me. Not to mention “company B” opened negotiations at $32-33, and gave me $33/hr on the offer.

Friday 10/21:

7:30am: I text “company B” recruiter that I’m reconsidering
9:50am: On the phone with her (apparently on her day off oops)
12:30pm: I get the offer letter in email (valid for 5 days)
1:40pm: I sent in signed docs

Unfortunately, the person from “company B” who sent me the offer letter is not the same person I’m returning my docs to. Instead, instructions are to send in completed docs to a generic email for what looks like a 3rd party HR company. As I have no confirmation, I’m afraid to pull the trigger and withdraw from”company A” yet. I mean, everything should be kosher right? At worst, I’ll do it on Monday and mention I had a weekend change of heart or something.

And here I thought I was gonna go vaycay to Germany on Tuesday the 25th with everything squared away for the new job when I get back. But I’m pretty much starting over trying to get this 2nd one done. So I do appreciate the speed and efficiency to which “company A” was able to do things, when things got put into action. Could I have staved off all this madness if I had just asked for more time to consider? Yes.(I checked my email history; “company A” gave me 4 days to consider for the aide job 3 years ago versus just 2 days now.)

This is all just so much fun.

===== Edit =====

Monday 10/24

I’ll go back and add some time stamps later as I’m wrapping up this post on my phone in Germany.

Managed to get a hold of the 3rd party HR to complete my sign on process. That was completed Monday , with start date listed as Thursday Nov 3.

Was able to get in reach with company A on Tuesday morning before I left to let them know and ask to change my status from full time to as need (PRN). Not sure I asked for the right hourly rate, but I’ll figure that out down the road.

Still waiting on my license number to post though .

===== Edit =====

License number finally posted when I landed at LAX, getting home from the trip. Aka posted on 11/01/16. Or nearly a full month after test date. Now to wait for the snail mail version too haha.


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