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So after the last whirlwind Europe trip, I said I’d prefer to stay in places for more than a day or two. And you know what’s happening on this trip? We’re staying in places for just a day or two. So here we are again.

Having the new CSR card means I have to take advantage of the priority pass lounge access. In LAX that means the Korean Airlines Lounge in TBIT. Which is decent enough, as it had a few self serve liquors, some some drinks, little sandwiches, and cup noodle ramen lol. It overlooks the “lobby” area of departures, if you will, so it’s not a bad look. I would enjoy it more if it had a view if the tarmac, but oh well.

I flew with a friend this time, and it’s the first time in a while that I’ve gone on a trip with other than family. We flew Lufthansa over to MUC (it and Frankfurt are hubs, not Berlin bc of war/history.) I usually get excited about getting to fly on planes with special decals, but this one was decked out in FC Bayern Munich decal/images (registration D-AIHK), a rival if you will of BVB Dortmund, the team we’re flying over to watch. Not a good look! Haha. The aircraft itself was an A340, seated in 2-3-2 economy layout. Our seats were actually next to the restrooms , which is usually bad, but this time the restrooms (all 5 of them) were located down stairs. So we were next to a stairway, with no neighbors on the flight. Sweet!

Idk why, but I seem to have some trouble sleeping on flights recently, at least when traveling to Europe. I only got some shut eye because I imbibed in the lounge prior to boarding lol. A few drinks of chardonnay, beer, crown royal, Jack and coke, and a finisher of chardonnay will do that to you. But I still only slpt for like 3 hrs out of the nearly 12 hour flight over. But for the time I was awake, even if it was the artificial “nighttime,” the flight stewards made very regular trips up and down the aisle providing drinks. I don’t remember fantastic service when flying Lufthansa back in 2007, but it was a pretty sweet flight this time around.

Got to Munich, transferred to our flight to Berlin, and yeah. Munich Airport has been consistently ranked in the to 5, and I didn’t see anything to make it stand out like Singapore’s Chiangi or Hong Kong’s. Also did not get a chance to hop onto the lounge bc it was in another terminal. What was interesting though, that while going through security, there was a Chinese guy running the x-ray machines. He notices something weird in my bag, and proceeds to ask me about it. Not in German, not in English, but in Mandarin. So confused.

We flew into Berlin Tegel, which is one of two airports servicing the German capital. TXL is actually a tiny old airport (and they’ve been building its replacement since 2010. Time and budget delays have kept it in development thus far.), but the good thing with tiny and old airports is that its really easy to get from gate to curbside. Except, upon coming out, we didn’t see signs for pub trans, and just rode a taxi to the hotel.

The hotel for night 1 and 1 night was probably the best lodging of the trip. Thankfully, it was located rather centrally , so traveling into and out of some nighttime attractions wasn’t too difficult. We had dinner at a little cozy restaurant that was nestled within houses/apartments, such that I was wondering if we were headed in the right direction. But sure enough, there it was, serving delicious German cuisine without exorbitant prices. I had myself goose leg (don’t think I’ve had that before), and it simply peeled right off the bone. Pretty delish.

Last time (Aug ’16) I came into Berlin, I didn’t have a chance to visit the Bundestag globe, so we got that in this time as our single adventure for the night. You can also book a guided tour to visit their parliament area, but we were too late in planning that, so all those allotments were gone. But the globe still offers a pretty view of Berlin, and the architecture on its own is quite astounding too.


The globe, and parliament below. Lens flare ftw.

We were flying out of Berlin the next day at 1pm, so we could’ve had time to do things in the morning, but my friend wanted to sleep in to try and fight travel tiredness. Unfortunately for me, I was awake at 5am bc of jet lag (same pattern during #DL2EUR16 trip for the first couple days :(). So. We only did one thing in nearly 24 hrs. We’re off to a leisurely start.

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