As I said, our flight (TXL-NUE) was at 1pm, and with having done nothing in the morning, we should’ve had plenty of time to make it to the airport. But. We didn’t. We didn’t get on the bus until about 12pm, and buses are subject to multiple stops and traffic congestion. And as we’re already rushing, we again did not get a chance to visit the lounge. Thankfully security is short and sweet like BUR/LGB, and we’re to the gate by 12.30pm, while boarding was slated to start at 12.20pm. Buuuut flight gets delayed like 15min, so in the end, it all worked out? But those moments between leaving the hotel and arriving at the gate were not calm enjoyable moments.

Airberlin flight in a turboprop plane (Bombardier Dash8-Q400) to Nuremberg. It was louder than a normal airplane engine, but not ridiculously so. The flight was about an hour’s duration, so any issues was relatively short-lived. Arrive, pick up the rental car (it’s an Audi A3) and we’re off to a small town called Waldsassen near the Czech border that’s like 1.5 hrs away by car. So 3+ hrs round trip. And the flight/detour out of Berlin. To visit a basilica that houses 10 jewel encrusted skeletons . Which I looked forward to seeing. But unfortunately, the basilica is under renovation until Spring 2017, so the halls (where they’re housed) were all covered up. So we came all this way, and didn’t get to see them. The paintings on the roofs did get a recent new paint job, so we got to see that. But they weren’t the main point of this detour. Shame.


Scaffolding on exterior – Waldsassen Basilica


The covered walls of Waldsassen Basilica interior

Driving on the Autobahn was nice, as I was able to hit a top speed of 210 km/h, or about 130 mph. This Audi A3 had some decent acceleration and hugged curves pretty well. And I loved how cars mostly only used just the left lane for passing. And immediately hopped back to the right side after. Which is why I could have that much room to accelerate and hold that speed. It was pretty fantastic. I just had to keep doing some mental math conversions to get a feel of how fast I was going, since our cars show both units, but in Germany, they only showed the SI unit (160 km/h = 100 mph, so every 16 km/h = 10mph). But the car did really well in masking how fast it felt like.


We got back to Nürnberg at night, dropped off the rental, and checked in to another hotel. As I said, I believe the first one we stayed in Berlin felt a little better (bigger too?). After dropping off the luggage, we wandered into the old walled city for dinner and something to do.


Christmasmarket stalls will populate this square in a few weeks time

We visited Nürnberg in 2007 as part of our Germany trip. But I hardly remembered anything about this town as I was sick during this part of the trip. But walking through the town, some sights and sounds did slowly come back, especially with some Christmas market stalls beginning to pop up (their Christmas season starts in late November and is a beautiful sight to behold). The restaurant I wanted to go to was all full, so we left there, and ended up at some other random place for some quick food (Specialty of the region is bratwurst served as 3 small ones in bun. Which we got on a plate. Close enough). As it was nighttime, there was also really nothing to do unfortunately. So 2 days in, 3 flights, and 1 rental car, and we’ve done 2 things.Taking it easy to start lol.

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