Match Day

Matchday. #BVBS04 or BVB Dortmund versus Schalke 04. Schalke is a team from the nearby region of Gelsenkirchen, and this rivalry has developed since 1925. But more to come later, since the match was slated for a 6:30pm start.

We decided to head to a town call Bonn for our morning activity to visit a Haribo gummy factory outlet store. You can’t get tours of food factories, so that makes sense, and this is the next best thing, as you can get many different cheap gummis for cheap. Some gummis were even sold by the 4kg box. That would’ve been fun to take home.

But in order to get down there, we had to rent a car. Or rather, I did, because I ended up doing most of the heavy lifting during this trip. And since the rental place opens at 8am, I had to wake/leave early pick up the car to maximize our time (bc I’m all about that). I mentioned that I could go alone so they could have more time in the morning, and there wasn’t any offering to come along. I mean, I didn’t expect company, but you’d still like to have the sentiment extended. Nope. Mmkay.

So I’m up at 6:30am to get breakfast and head out into the 40 some degree weather. I mentioned we’re far out from the city center right? And the S-bahn runs every 30 minutes Saturday mornings, which admittedly I could’ve timed better. That one’s on me. But I eventually get back to the hotel at 9am. Aaaand they’re just getting ready to go get breakfast. I mean, we’re not in a rush or anything, but something about all this doesn’t feel fair, esp as I’ve had to go through this whole morning process on my own. It’s felt like a lot of thankless work tbh.

Anyway. It’s about a 1+ hr drive down. This ride was an Opel Mokka (aka Buick Enclave I’m told by wiki). Higher off the ground with less horsepower means it’s not as fun a drive as the Audi A3 I had. But I still was able to average about 120 km/h, or about 80 mph. Excluding traffic of course. Which we hit by the Koln-Bonn airport, and also for Autobahn construction work. Don’t think I even got a picture of this ride. Oh well.

Get to the Haribo store, which is running crazy with folks and kids and gummis. And uh, I guess I’m pretty much left to my own devices as they run off again. That’s not how this works. That’s not how any of this works.

Haribo done, drive back to hotel. We decide to return car and head into city center to hang out before match. Run around the mall for a bit, then U-bahn into stadium. And upon walking to the ticket gate, there’s the realization that we don’t have the tickets. Only the envelope. Or rather, the envelope that housed tickets, but then wasn’t there anymore. So I get on the phone (auf Deutsch, int’l call minutes… guess I’ll have to pay for those minutes) with a taxi and get directions to the nearest taxi stop, and ride it to the hotel and back with the tickets. Huffing and puffing and tired with no water or dinner. And all I get is a verbal thanks for all that effort. Actually, not even. Just text on facebook. Because the first thing that was said to me when I got back was, “do you have the tickets?” I literally can’t even.

To top it off, they’re pretty much only engaged with each other for the entire duration of the match. It’s like I was entirely forgotten. You know, the person who helped travel to the opposite end of town and back just in time for us to get in 5 minutes before kickoff and not miss the game. I talked more with the taxi driver (in German) while going to the hotel to grab tickets in 20 minutes than I did to anyone during the 2 hr match. And there’s the issue of our food voucher that we never used. And I’m starving. And tired. And the game ended in a 0-0 draw. This is fine.

That’s twice I’ve come into Dortmund now. Each time there’s been self-inflicted ticket issues. And I’ve yet to see a Dortmund win in person. Maybe the next time I’m in town I’ll get to see a win. Not sure when that’ll be though.


Then we met up with some BVB supporters who know their stuff and hung out by the back parking lot to try and catch some glimpses of the players leaving. We only had to stand out in like low 40 degree weather for a hour. Nbd. But we saw most of the team! Except Pulisic. Why you no come.


Auba’s got a pretty sick ride

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