With the weekend over, that also means our time in Dortmund is up. Twice I’ve been to this city, and I’m still not sure what there is to do here. Unless some new information comes to light, I think I’d do my best to get in and leave on the same day. I also haven’t had the chance to try a sit-down restaurant in town either. Shame.


Graffiti tag is everywhere you look

7:48 AM train from Dortmund to Berlin means another early wake up call. And as one person in the group has a large suit case, is weary of hauling it for 15 minutes (fair call), to catch a train that comes once every 30 minutes, we called a taxi to get to the Hautpbahnhof (main train station) out of Dortmund. And got there with 30 minutes to spare. And then my seat partner for the 3+ hr train ride was the large suitcase that wasn’t mine. I hope no one needed that seat lol.

If you’re ever in Berlin, it’s a city under continuous construction. It’s a combined process of renovating the old and building in the new, all the while trying to keep daily life functioning. Once we got to Berlin Hauptbahnhof, the S-Bahn to our hostel wasn’t stopping at this station bc of construction. So everyone’s taking a detour via another train. Yay fun.

I only figured out an alternative route thanks to the Deutsche Bahn app. It’s a really damn useful/accurate app, both for destinations across Germany or within cities, and coupled with T-mobile free LTE again in Europe, this was the ish.

Finally get to the S-bahn station, and there’s construction going on there too? Lol. We drop off our stuff so we can spend a half day in Potsdam (which is easily a 3 days detour if you take it leisurely). I do wish we had more time, but that’s how most trips go eh? There’s never really enough time to see/do all that you want.

We get to Potsdam (former seat of the King of Prussia, and the place where the Potsdam conference was held to negotiate the end of WWII), and the place has like 5 different locations named “Schloss something,” which means there’re like 5 different palaces or other exorbitant buildings just hanging around.

I decided to start us at Sanssouci Park (bc all the planning is on me?), which has been said to be comparable to Versailles in France. It’s definitely much smaller and simpler, but does have its charms as well. After visiting the Neues Palais (guess the meaning in English), it was like a 20 minute walk through some pretty scenery to the other building on the premises, the Sanssouci Palace. Those two got caught up with themselves again and left me behind. After the past two days and seeing how the dynamic has been with them/me, and how they disappeared without a trace, I just decided to enjoy things at my own pace. Because, why not?

This holds especially true when it seemed I had to pull teeth to get us to go out for dinner (it was too cold apparently. Yes I guess it was kinda chilly with temps in the mid to low 30’s, but that’s why we packed for cold weather right?). By the time we got back at 9, they called it quits, and I decided to go out and explore on my own.

Berlin’s got an abandoned airport that they’ve turned into an open space field. I love that idea, and wanted to check it out (I wish HK would do the same with Kai Tak). The field/park closed at sunset, so I couldn’t actually enter, but I still got to seem some terminal buildings and whatnot, so that was cool.


Tempelhof main hall

I also read that there was another cool vantage point to see up in the northern area of Berlin, but that didn’t quite work out, so that was a fail. I did walk past a pair of open rickety gates into an area of pitch blackness, so that was fun (not really).


Quite inviting, right?


In my topic filled thought process, I got sidetracked from talking about Potsdam. Seriously, everywhere you look, there were gorgeous trees and colors and paths and everything, with scenes looking like they jumped right out of a book. Like in Brugge, where I kept stumbling onto each little street in awe, each new view of the Park Sanssouci was pretty amazing to see. And as picturesque as it is, you can imagine how many couples there were strolling about.

Also made our way over to Cecilienhof Palace, the place where the Potsdam Conference happened. This the view that greeted us:


Lol whatever man.

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