Die Letzte

===== Travel recap =====

✈️: 10/25/16 LAX-MUC
✈️: 10/26/16 MUC-TXL
✈️: 10/27/16 TXL-NUE
(🚗: 10/27/16 Nuremberg↔Waldsassen)
✈️: 10/28/16 NUE-DUS
🚄: 10/28/16 Dusseldorf-Dortmund
(🚗: 10/29/16 Dortmund↔Bonn)
🚄: 10/30/16 Dortmund-Berlin
✈️: 11/1/16 TXL-ZRH
✈️: 11/1/16 ZRH-LAX


Running around Germany


Poorly framed image showing ZRH-LAX flight path home over Greenland and Canada

===== Steps/Distance walked  =====

^(as measured by Garmin Forerunner 235)

Day Date Steps Miles
Tues 10/25/16 7243 3.36
Wed 10/26/16 11583 5.34
Thurs 10/27/16 13787 6.37
Fri 10/28/16 17344 8.04
Sat 10/29/16 15121 7.3
Sun 10/30/16 17376 8.05
Mon 10/31/16 31747 14.64
Tues 11/01/16 8601 3.98
Total 122982 57.08
Average 15373 7.14

This 7.14 mi average is less than the 8.9 mi average (Ireland) and 10.03 mi average (Europe) from previous trips. More traveling and fewer walking tours will do that to you. That’s a nice change of pace.

===== The Spending =====

^Links to read read-only google doc of my itemized spending for this trip.


Compared to the Ireland trip (which is an apt comparison bc both trips were to a single country with about a week’s duration), this trip was $200 more, which is pretty much from the rental/travel/flights items.

For Ireland and Europe trips, lodging was about $25/nt. This time was a little more splurgy with hotels, going up to $39/nt (lodging cost/4, since the “Package” item fudges the numbers). Def worth the marginal cost increase.

Unfortunately, food was not a big part of this trip, as it usually accounts for 18% of spending (as calculated from previous trips). That it only accounted for less than 5% spending meant there was not as much eating that went on here. Though tbf, there were 2 breakfast meals as part of the Package.

It seems that, for traveling in and about Germany via Deutsche Bahn it seems, you can definitely save money traveling in a group versus traveling solo. I paid 29 Euros for Dortmund-Berlin when booking a month ahead in Aug, but we only paid 22 Euros per person this time when booking like 2 weeks out. Then traveling within cities I paid 7 euro for a single person, but a group ticket was just 13  (in Dortmund) or 17 (in Berlin).

But, running numbers is a little more work when traveling with a group than solo. But excel/sheets automated calculations ftw. I’m still owed money for what I paid for on the trip, and I still need to pay for my part of the LAX-TXL flights.

===== Packing =====


There was a lot that I brought along on this trip that I didn’t use. Notably, I didn’t bother with the 2nd pair of shoes (that takes up so much room). Hotel living = don’t need to pack a towel or shower sandals. Didn’t get a chance to wash my clothes, so that “Magic Soap” and clothesline never got used either. Less walking and many flights meant that I couldn’t hold a reservoir of water in my Camelbak. Also didn’t pull out the action camera, BT keyboard, or wireless shutter release. The first two are probably excessive, but the latter should’ve been used. Oops.

Again, the Tortuga backpack held everything of mine. Sad thing is, when I got back from my Europe trip last time, they had it on sale as they were prepping for a new and improved product release. Ah well. Still works amazingly, such that my dad took it with him for the parent’s trip to TW/HK.

I forgot to weigh my bag after getting home.

MVP for this trip is definitely the wool clothing, specifically my socks and sleeveless shirt. Wool keeps you cool when it’s hot and warm when it’s cold. It also doesn’t pick up odors too quickly (as cotton tends to do, and my cotton socks aren’t the most fragrant things in the world after a full day in them. =/). The Uniqlo sweater I picked up right before the trip may have been too thin to provide effective warmth, but I managed in 34 degree weather.

===== Livetweet history =====

A link to all my tweets I remembered to hashtag while on #DL2GER16.

===== Final thoughts =====

It’s always different traveling solo vs traveling with people. Quick rundown:

HK/TW  2014: w/ friends (I never did finish writing about that. Guess I never will)
Ireland 2015: solo
Europe 2016: solo
Germany 2016: w/ friends

Shoot, does this Germany 2016 trip use up my 2017 travel quota? Haha.

Something I enjoy about traveling is that I get to disconnect from social media and all the online presence while I’m away. Don’t get me wrong, having the use of my phone (esp with free T-mobile LTE) is fantastic for getting around and figuring things out (internet searches, Google maps, etc), but I’m not really on reddit/twitter/facebook/instagram catching up what’s going on there. Sure, I’ll post some things up, bc people often ask/wonder about why the hell I ran off to *insertplacehere* again, but I obvs don’t have an extensive social media presence like others do such that I extensively curate and maintain it. Hell, these blog entries barely get any traffic usually (well, the Europe 2016 series got 40+ likes, so that’s an outlier), so I guess they’re more for my memory sake than anything. But while I’m halfway across the world, my priority is enjoying the present location to the best of my abilities. Which includes maximizing my time/daylight/moving time and minimizing idle/sitting/deciding time. I’m not sure this trip struck an appropriate balance between the two.

One question I’m constantly thinking about is how much time do you budget for eating? Again, based on the spending numbers on this trip, it didn’t compare favorably to past trips, but part of travel is enjoying the different cuisine and tastes from home and taking the time to properly  savor it. Sure, extra eating costs can add up, but so do travel, attraction tickets, etc etc, and its all part of traveling (or just even dining at home). I didn’t quite get to hit up a good number of places pre-planned on this trip. That’s unfortunate.

Maybe there’s a follow up trip to smooth out the rough edges. Maybe there’s not. Either way, it’s been an experience, and it sure beats sitting at home doing nothing for a week amirite? And with this last post, it’s time to close the book of this adventure and add it to the bookshelf of travels. Neat.

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