Weekend getaways are nice. Not sure how much fun a 5 hr drive can be, but at least once you leave the city, cars are more apt to stay on the right and use the left for passing. Got up to Mammoth at 12am Saturday (leaving LA Friday night) and got home Sunday at 11pm.

The car had a couple new experiences, including hitting 110mph on the open road (my car’s speedometer tops out at 120 mph lol, and it doesn’t top my autobahn speed of 130 mph), cruise control for over an hour (at 75 mph to save some gas, and bc 65mph is too slow), and driving on dirt/rocky/unpaved road that kicks up dust and rocks all over my car. Also, fast long distance driving means a ton of bugs going splat on my windshield (and front bumper. and back of my side mirrors). Not pretty.


Never been in a hot springs before. That was nice. This pool pictured topped 100 degrees. The cluster of folks in the bg to the left is a larger area with temps in the 85+. The 85+ pool was probably more comfortable than the 100 degree pool. It’s a hidden gem of sorts, in that you can’t really see it until you see it. Neat.

Also did some hiking. And climbing. Trees that is. This toppled tree had a bunch of roots hanging about that just called out to me. And I couldn’t resist haha


Stopped by Manzanar on the way home (along hwy 395). That’s the Japanese Internment Camp used in WW2 from 1942- 1945. Over 110,000 unfortunate Japanese Americans had to call it home for those 3 years during WW2. It was unreal how resilient they were and how they continued to do their best to maintain their way of life despite being uprooted just because of their ancestry. It’s a stunning reminder of the racism that existed then, and what racism at its worst could lead to, even today. We only had 15 minutes inside the visitor center, and like <30 minutes to travel around the rest of the premises. Definitely not enough time, and I’ll have to make a return trip someday to fully take it in.


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