Christmas Sunday service

Time heals all wounds, as the cliche goes. As trite as the saying is, there’s truth in it, as you slowly move on with life, each passing moment slowly draws your attention away from the impact and lessens the effect. You dwell less and less on it, and eventually it just ceases to even exist in your mind.

I stopped going to church around early 2014, and I guess the aforementioned progress moved at a rapid pace since I had more or less mentally checked out some time ago. It really hasn’t been something I’ve visited back on (in terms of thinking about going back to church. I’ll discuss it every now and then, but that’s pretty much the extent of it). But with Christmas falling on a Sunday this year, I figured, why the heck not? For just one Sunday, I’ll sacrifice the sleeping in that I treasure so much to see what’s going on.

So I went with the sister to the church I called home for so many years for Christmas service. And for better or worse, things… really haven’t changed since the 2.5+ years I’ve been gone. Same worship team. Same order of events. Same setup. Same basic layout for the sermon. The same people were around, but fewer (again), minus the whole gaggle of folks who came back for the day (like myself). The most glaring change was the little ones being that much bigger (amazing how much they can grow in 2.5+ years).

I was a little confused with the fact that the message on Christmas Sunday was a 2 (or 3?) part series, where half the time was spent reviewing the previous parts, and the other half expounding on the point for today. I feel like having a single Christmas service message as a stand alone might be better, but alright. And then there were the loosely connected points trying to hold the point of the message together, and a poorly chosen video to support the message (video seemed to emphasize the materialistic aspect of Christmas with a “Secret Santa” giving money to people… to spend on Christmas).

But it was nice to see and talk to folks, and get a little update on their lives. Until everyone went their own separate ways. And I guess I won’t see them again for a while.

Until next time.


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