90 day

I passed the 90 day probationary period with my company earlier this month. It’s crazy how quickly time flies, as that means I’ve been employed 3 months already, and we’ve already knocked one month off of 2017 already.

In saying that, I feel as if a sense of complacency has washed over me as I’ve become situated in my daily routine of treating patients and devising activities that I think will best benefit them. The problem with that is, complacency means I’ve okay with where I’m at, where I think I have enough in my arsenal to help me get through the day to day activities, but I know there’s much more than I can utilize (that I’m currently not) to better help patients reach their maximum potential. But I’ve settled in and am comfortable with this routine. It’s a rut, of sorts.

I recognize this feeling from the previous position I held a few years back as an aide as the previous SNF I was at. Feeling comfortable at your job is great, but it can also be detrimental as the lack of stimulation or problem solving tends to stagnate one’s growth and engagement, which can lead to potentially minor mistakes which can then snowball into something worse. I don’t remember how I got beyond this, aside from continuing with each passing day and putting one foot in front of the other.

The nice thing about this field is that it lends itself nicely to additional hourly opportunities as desired. Nursing home population and the number of patients on rehab continually varies across facilities across seasons, so where one location might be slow, another one might have a high volume and need coverage for all their patients. As such, I’ve been regularly picking up anywhere from 2-4 addt’l hours every weekday, with last week reaching an all time high of 4 addt’l hours a day at another facility (driving distance of <10 minutes), for a total of 12 hour work days, or a 60 hour work week last week. It hasn’t been too bad, but the worst part is just getting home past 8pm and still having to cook dinner/next day’s lunch. As I’ve been telling myself, present-self hates me right now, but future-self will sure enjoy that paycheck.

A nice perk of passing that 90 day mark with my company is that they offer “professional development” courses through their “online university,” for which the main focus is offering contact hours for license renewal. A PTA licensed in the state of California needs 30 hours every 2 years (15 for their first renewal – that’s me for now), and I’ve managed to knock most of them out for free through this perk.


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