Life’s been pretty busy since I got back from HKG. I’ve barely had any time to unpack and readjust to the usual. It was just today that I managed to clean up my room and clear away all the clutter from travel items I’ve accumulated, and it’s been 2.5 weeks since I’ve been back.

Not too much to go into detail about for #DL2HKG17, seeing as how according to my counts, this was my 7th time back in HK since we emigrated in ’92. Granted, there’s still a lot to see and visit, but each visit over time becomes more and more about family rather than sight seeing. Maybe next time when it’s not a solo trip… (Would it be next time? Haha)

Splitting time between the two families (dad’s side and mom’s side) is never an easy task, esp as I try not to appear to favor one over the other (both are awesome, differently).  But again, both sides are aware my main reason for this trip is the grandfather, and visiting hours are between 12-1:30pm and 5:30-8pm, and the goal was to be present at as much of each visiting time as possible (I missed 4…).

There was one point where I ended up crossing the harbor (Hong Kong, as its generally known, is comprised of HK island, Kowloon, and New Territories. The two families live on HK island and Kowloon) 6 times in a day, which I’ve never done before. Each harbor crossing takes just under an hr (by MTR; bus is def >1 hr), so I pretty much spent half the day running back and forth between sides.  Example:

Wake in HK (North Point)
Bfast in Kowloon (Kowloon City)
Visit Gpa (HK-PYNEH; Chai Wan)
Afternoon in Kowloon (Kowloon City)
Visit Gpa (HK-PYNEH; Chai Wan)
Dinner in Kowloon (Wong Tai Sin)
Sleep in HK (North Point)

Saw the inside of the MTR quite a bit this trip. But never so empty haha (Taken at NP station, at the of TKO line)

It’s tiring, but with the less than a week’s time I had, I feel like I had to make the most of it all with both sides. I could rest when I got back home right? Haha

I also squeezed in some PokemonGo, seeing as how there was so much walking to be done, and the population density in HK means there was a bunch of Pokestops everywhere, and constant Pokemon spawns galore. That was fun.

Ultimately, had some nice eats, some nice hanging out with the fams, some digs at my expense about being single (I guess that’s a given at this point and moving forward).

This blur sums up how this trip felt.


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