I’ve been to New York once in my life, back in HS when Ithaca College flew me out over a weekend. I probably should’ve gone there in hindsight, but that’s in the past.

New York City. The Big Apple. Concrete jungle where dreams are made of. This was my first trip to NYC, and it was all too short.

2 other friends and myself decided to hop over from LA just for the weekend. A bright idea? I don’t know. But it was definitely an eventful whirlwind weekend to give me a taste of NYC. (Will definitely have to be back, as you can’t take everything in in just 2 days).

Red-eye flight out of LAX Friday night after work to get in to JFK at the buttcrack of dawn. Our flight on VX was delayed by 30 min, and we ended up getting $25 in “flight compensation credit” via email. Unexpected, but not complaining.

I like that there’s pub trans connecting JFK to Manhattan, but wish the A train didn’t make a million stops in the suburbs before reaching the city. We took the E train back into JFK, and that was so much faster. Anywho.

One of my first joys of traveling are flying, and recently, the lounge experience. We got a chance to take a pit stop in the Virgin Loft at LAX’s T3 before it gets shut down in May, so that was cool. Jordan Peele (of Key and Peele and Get Out fame) was at the lounge, so my friends got a selfie with him (I didn’t/don’t know who he really is… =X). Then we popped into a JFK lounge (Wingtips) upon arrival and had some coffee and beer before heading into the city.

A second joy I have of traveling is figuring out subway systems. When they’re not at-grade crossings (like the crap we have in LA), they’re a very fast and efficient way to get from point to point without dealing with surface traffic. And the sprawling network map is often a beautiful form of abstract art waiting for you to unravel. NYC is interesting and unique in that it has the largest number of subway stations in the world. Then the madness stems from the fact that they use multiple trains on a single line, so you’ve got to be sure of where you’re going and what train you’re on (We hopped on the wrong one and over shot our stop, so hopped onto a train going back the opposite direction lol). We bought a 7-day pass for $31 (+$1 for stupid metrocard) since each trip is a $3 fee, and the convenience of not having to constantly buy a trip was worth it (we did have 12 trips, so we came out alright I guess).

During our brief stay in NYC, the temps for the weekend hovered between 15-35 degrees. The low temperature isn’t a problem, if you’re properly dressed for it. The windchill, however, is a whole ‘nother ballgame. As a California/Los Angeles/So Cal person, I am not prepared for this shit. I don’t know how high the winds were, but that Google says 19 degree temp felt like 7 degrees, and The Top of the Rock closed their top level due to high winds. Fun times.

Russ & Daughter’s, Katz’s Deli, Artichoke Pizza, Halal Guys, Eataly, Luke’s Lobster, Momofuku Má Pêche. I wish I could’ve eaten more this weekend (Couldn’t fit a bite of Shake Shake! lol).

City Hall Loop, Washington Square Arch, Friend’s Apt, Chelsea Market, High Line, Empire State Building, Rockafeller Center, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Top of the Rock, Times Square, Grand Central Station, Staten Island Ferry, Trinity Church, Wall Street, Charging Bull, NYSE, Oculus, WTC, Central Park (Angels Tunnel). Saw lots. Still lots to see (didn’t go into any museums; hard to do with such little time)

Took some Halal guys home for the trip. B6 flight was 30 mins delayed, so arrived back at LAX just before 3am. ✌️️ out until next time NYC. Hopefully it’s a longer visit then.


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