It’s been that long already?

6 months has come and gone in a slow (but fast?) monotonous blur. One PT retired in March. We hired another COTA in April. And took on a temp PT until we can have the position filled. Not to mention how much the nurses in the 8-3 shift keep changing. But that’s the revolving door we’ve got, and I just gotta bear with it.

Originally, I’d said that I’d like to get my license, stay local for a bit, then go about traveling (only in the US, as I don’t think the PTA position exists internationally). I mean, it might still be on the docket, but the chances have dropped from like 90+ to 50/50 or so. Could I see myself staying at this one facility for an extended period of time? Sure. Boss is chill, facility is chill, and patients are (usually) chill. But the best way to get a raise (like in any industry) is to make a jump/negotiate for it. So. Decisions.

And my dad’s been occasionally asking about me going back to get my DPT. Of which there are 2 programs in the US that have a transitional PTA->DPT track. Of which pre-reqs are required, but only within 5 years. And mine are expiring. And I don’t want to go to a CC to take college algebra for the 3rd time… (And other courses too). TBD

I’ve also started covering at an ADHC, which if you can believe, is even more relaxed than a SNF, and somehow pays even more than a SNF. Supposedly scheduled to start working once a wk x 4 hrs a wk for 36% more than I’m getting at the SNF in June. Neat.


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